Our Story

Who We Are

HOTCATT was initially designed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) to train all categories and levels of personnel employed to work in Hotels, Catering Institutes and the Travel and Tour Operations. With joint Government of Ghana (GoG) and United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) funding and the technical assistance from the ILO, at Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Conference, it was agreed and it’s work based training unit was established in 1991.
It was then envisaged that after a period of 21 months, HOTCATT was to develop capacity building to train on a continuous and permanent basis as well as to develop qualified manpower for the tourism industry. With the assistance from international professionals the focus was to create the following:
*Suitable teaching facilities
*Administrative support personnel
*Trainers (professionals)

This was to ensure that the correct focus would be given to the practical component of the training. At the time there was a great need for hands-on trained personnel.
HOTCATT moved from the Ministry of Trade and Tourism to Accra Technical Training Center (ATTC) and that was where they developed classrooms and a practice restaurant.
After a short time Hotcatt moved from ATTC to Workers College, its present location. This is where a Mock up guest room, a sixteen (16) seater restaurant, a kitchen and three classrooms were created.
In order for HOTCATT to better meet the challenges facing the Industry, Hotcatt was designated as an Agency under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in 1994.



The vision is that HOTCATT will become the chosen leading professional skills training institute on the African Continent. They will provide students with the Capacity Building Experience which will in turn equip them with the necessary skills within the Tourism, Hospitality and Catering Industries.


Start as a student with the aim of becoming an Industry Leader

Board Members


Dr Ziblim Barri Iddi

Board Chairman
Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture


Hon. Alex Kofi Agyekum

MP Mpohor Constituency, Western Region


Mr. Manish Nambiar

General Manager, Kempinski


Hon. Ato Panford

MP Shama Constituency, Western Region


Madam Jenny Adade



Okatakyie Nana Anim (I)

Sanaahene of Ati Amanfrom


Mr. Akwasi Agyeman



Mr. Frank Apeagyei

Advisor to Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture


Madam Vida Sunkwa-Mills

Member of Advisory Board, HOTCATT